Sabato offers luxury with a story by covering luxury & entrepreneurship, luxury & creativity, luxury & passion, luxury & social responsibility and luxury, lifestyle & leisure.

Publisher Description

Every weekend, Sabato quietly enters the private lives of a difficult to reach target audience of busy professionals.

Sabato is a magazine that focusses on quality, elegance and exclusiveness.

The readers of Sabato belong to the highest social class, have a superior spending power and like to invest in their passions.

Every week, Sabato achieves a total brand reach of 146,400 contacts.

Weekly magazine (Saturday), supplement to the weekend edition of De Tijd | L’Echo.

Specials: several times per year, Sabato focusses on different themes: la haute horlogerie, mode, interior & design


Publisher Features

Media Segment Lifestyle/Architecture/Design
Country belgium
Publisher Trust Media