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Welcome to Mercury Publicity

Mercury Publicity is the leading independent international media representative established in London in 1983 by Michel Hersant. Today we represent publishers across Europe & Worldwide, providing print, online, outdoor and radio advertising solutions for our clients. Our sister company Mercury Publicity GmbH serves the German market from their Frankfurt office.



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Talented & Professional

Meet the Team

Our Strengths

  • Long established reputation within the UK and international media market.
  • Proactive multilingual team with cultural and international brand understanding across all media sectors and a combined experience in international media of over 100 years.
  • Highly adaptable, tech-savvy team with a wealth of digital knowledge.
  • Independent and highly flexible company, allowing quick decision making and efficient implementation of ideas.
    The UK partner of the Connect Alliance​
    A full member of OPMA (Overseas Press and Media Association)
    A full member of the IAA (International Advertising Association)